Thursday, May 26, 2011

Press Release: Instant Cold Packs Being Used to Make Meth

Text below is taken from "Press Release: February 2009 Issues of Pharmacist's Letter and Prescriber's Letter"
  • Why are people turning to instant cold packs to make methamphetamine?
  • How is the ammonium nitrate inside instant cold packs being used to make meth?
  • What can pharmacists do to limit loss or diversion of instant cold packs?
  • Are there any instant cold packs that are ammonium nitrate-free?
Instant cold packs are now being used to make methamphetamine.
A popular method for making meth involves using anhydrous ammonia…..a common farm fertilizer. But it usually has to be stolen and can be difficult to find in winter months. Meth cooks are now making their own from ammonium nitrate…….the ingredient in most instant cold packs.
The new method is easier and quicker. The contents of a cold pack are dumped into a small container such as a soda bottle with other ingredients to make meth within an hour or so.
This “one-pot” method still requires the key ingredient, pseudoephedrine.
Watch for people who purchase large quantities of instant cold packs containing ammonium nitrate, especially in conjunction with pseudoephedrine.
To limit loss or diversion, keep limited quantities in supply. Or consider stocking instant cold packs that are Urea based instead.

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